Hi. I'm Allison.

I'm an experience designer.

I’m interested in humanizing our interactions with technology, businesses, each other, and... ourselves. And I believe in the power of the human-centered design process to help us do so.

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about me

I am passionate about designing products and services with a focus on people’s contexts and emotions. I’m not convinced that building an app is always the best answer, and I fight to design holistic experiences that connect us to a bigger picture, a bigger conversation.

I enjoy reading and writing about design, technology, race, and faith. I’m incessantly curious and adventurous; I’m constantly seeking to understand why and how things work the way they do. But I’m also becoming more aware that life doesn’t provide all the answers, and it’s sometimes enough to question, explore, marvel, and dream.

I will graduate from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design with a degree in Designing for Interactions this May and am seeking full-time employment. Please feel free to contact me at ayhuang@cmu.edu with any questions or opportunities!


Designing for Interactions: Complexity and Connectedness

NOV 28, 2016

I’m now three semesters deep into learning to “design for interactions”: and what do I have to say for myself? I still have trouble articulating concisely what exactly it is that I do. My grandparents think I design smartphone apps, and I’m letting them believe that. (They’re pleased enough with those job prospects for now.) But for a more long-winded answer that can take up more space than a spotty Skype call across the Pacific Ocean, here’s where I stand on what interaction design is to me....

Circumventing the Filter Bubble

OCT 10, 2016

...my journey has kept my Facebook feed somewhat more diverse than the typical filter bubble has. Ever since I became aware of filter bubbles and the ways we pigeonhole people who don’t agree with us, I’ve tried to intentionally broaden the scope of what I click on and who I “like” on Facebook. Being able to listen to personal stories from multiple perspectives on an issue is so important for me....

I’m Allison, and I’m a baby interaction designer.

AUG 30, 2016

...My passion for design comes from my deep-seated belief in the worth of humanity: beauty, mess, and all. I believe in human-centered design processes, principles, and methods enough to believe that design work can be fundamentally centered around people’s experiences, relationships, and emotions....

Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger: A sturdy guide to using Adobe InDesign’s Data Merge feature


As designers, the first step in taking our thoughts from a physical space to a digital one is often transcribing them from stickies and whiteboards into spreadsheets. This allows for greater collaboration with partners, advanced handling of data and information, and documentation....